Stuff of mine you might be here to see:

Partial cover of the novel "A Fall in Autumn."
The Perishables Project, aka www.michaelgwilliamsbooks.com, is the place to find news, samples, links to my newsletter signup and my Patreon, and all sorts of fun writerly stuff.
The logo of Social Distancing Radio: a book, a candle, and a glass and bottle of wine. Social Distancing Radio is an ongoing blog featuring author readings. Most of these are by me, but once or twice a month I have an author friend join me.
Arcane Carolinas logo: a ram-headed ouroborous around the astrological symbol for Air, with the words ARCANE CAROLINAS.
Arcane Carolinas is a podcast a friend and I produce about the strange, unusual, and unexplained so readily found on the backroads and byroads of North and South Carolina.
An illustrated city skyline with the text, "How big is Covidtown?"
How Big is Covidtown? is a grim little art project I have going in which I pose the question, if all deaths from COVID-19 in the United States occurred in one town, where would it rank by size? I also show recently-surpassed municipalities, states with no remaining local governments larger than Covidtown, and where the hypothetical Great State of COVID-19 would rank if all positive cases comprised a single state of the union.